Surveillance Camera Checks 36 Million Faces in a Second


Surveillance Camera – 36 Million Faces in a Single SecondIf you want to invest in a surveillance camera it makes sense to invest in one that gives you the best possible service. This particular camera is the stuff of government agencies and other James Bond style personnel. It comes via Hitachi Kokusai Electric and it promises the ability to use image recognition to search millions of faces in this amazingly short period of time.

It certainly beats the idea of trying to narrow your eyes to look at a regular image from a CCTV camera. If only the police could afford to have this system at their disposal 24/7, it makes you wonder what would happen to the crime rate.

The idea is that if authorities already have a photo or footage of someone they want to find, they can use the system to search for that person, even if they are in a crowd of thousands. This looks more like the kind of technology we see in programs like ‘CSI’ and the James Bond films, so who knows, maybe such incredible technology is out there after all – even if we are playing catch up with the big screen.

I for one will be looking to see when this system becomes available and more widespread, as I think it could make a huge difference to how easy it will be to find people. You won’t be able to hide in a crowd anymore, thanks to the technology from Hitachi Kokusai Electric.Surveillance Camera – 36 Million Faces in a Single Second

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