Diamond Laptop Sleeve, a Cool $11,000,000


Diamond Laptop Sleeve, a Cool $11,000,000How much would you pay for a laptop sleeve? According to the latest reports some people would apparently be willing to part with an incredible $11,000,000. CoverBee, a Dutch company dedicated to making all kinds of laptop sleeves, has come up with this amazing sleeve that come studded with an incredible 8,800 diamonds, all of the round cut variety. Apparently they all have their own certificate of origin, which means you get a LOT of paperwork with this particular laptop sleeve.

It looks like the idea is merely to have it as a collector’s item rather than as a practical sleeve for your laptop. After all it can’t be that light or practical. Can you imagine going to your local coffee shop and sitting down with this particular sleeve, only to slide out a rather average laptop from it? It could result in one of the few thefts where the thief grabs the laptop sleeve rather than the laptop. And wouldn’t it be a good steal too?

So I won’t be buying this particular item, that’s for sure. I would rather have a more practical case to protect my laptop. But I’ve no doubt there is someone out there with the available cash to splash on this strange yet beautiful sleeve, perhaps as a treat for my birthday? Hey you never know – it’s worth a try. In the meantime I can’t wait to see what CoverBee comes up with next – a gold studded sleeve, anyone?

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