Wearable Sound System, the Sonicwalk


SonicwalkSonicwalk, hmm – what does that make you think of? It immediately made me think of Michael Jackson and Moonwalking, but as it turns out this is something slightly different (although I suppose you could Moonwalk to it if you wanted to).

So what is it? Well, it’s a sound system you wear. It looks like a cross between a gun holster and a backpack, without the firepower. The speakers are installed into the straps while you can pop your MP3 player or phone into the pouch provided and connect it up accordingly.

One of the best features of the Sonicwalk is that it has an LED strip showing on the back of the straps, right in the middle. This lights up so if you go for a jog at night you can be sure people will see you. This is the whole idea behind the Sonicwalk – to give active people the opportunity to listen to their favourite inspiration exercise music while they are jogging or doing whatever other activity they enjoy. And with a battery that is said to last for ten hours, you’re not likely to run out of juice before you run home.

The Sonicwalk is going to be on sale for around £89.99 ($143) and it is currently available to pre-order from some stores. If you want to be first in the queue when stocks arrive in the UK, you’d better get a move on now. The Sonicwalk could change the way you take exercise outdoors from now on.Sonicwalk

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