Funky Cycle Helmets for Kids, the Fohawx


Fohawx Cycle HelmetsOkay so we all know that cycle helmets are essential for helping to protect our head in the event of an accident or a tumble. But they’re not exactly the coolest thing to wear in any situation, so it’s not surprising kids hate wearing them.

That’s why the Fohawx was born, a range of helmet accessories that make any helmet look great. The Fohawx is basically a Mohican style accessory that attaches to the top of any helmet, to make it look very different indeed – something of a fashion statement you might say. Personally I think adults will run in the opposite direction but, oh hang on, they’re designed for kids aren’t they? What on earth was I thinking?

Anyway, so far your kids have five designs to consider, each one costing just under $20. There is the Wavz, two colours of Punkrox and two colours of Dredlox. The blue Dredlox would be my favourite, not that I will get to wear them of course. As an adult I have to show responsibility by wearing my helmet just as it came out of the box. Ah well.

More styles are said to be coming soon, so this could be a trend that sees lots of funky haired helmeted kids riding our streets in the near future. Keep an eye out for the first one you see, because it will surely be the beginning of a tide. At least Fohawx looks to be the best way to keep those helmets on.Fohawx Cycle Helmets

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