Solar Suitcase, Saves Lives in Underdeveloped Countries


Solar SuitcaseThere is no end to the ways solar energy is making a difference to our lives. For example we can slap solar panels on our roofs to get free energy, and power small items like calculators via their small inbuilt panels.

But have you ever considered how practical and useful it would be to use solar power to provide medical facilities in areas where it isn’t easy to provide them in other ways? When you live in a developed part of the world it is easy to assume you’ll always have everything you need around you.

But things are very different in the developing parts of the world. If you lived somewhere like that and you were going to have a child, you couldn’t rely on the same medical care we take for granted here.

That’s why items like the solar suitcase have been created. The idea is that the suitcase contains life saving medical equipment on one side of the interior, and a bank of solar panels on the other. It includes lighting and a charger for mobile phones, not to mention various other useful items.

Other essential items that require power can also be plugged into it and you can even charge AAA an AA batteries once it is fully charged and working.

The possibilities for actually saving lives and making lives better with the help of this solar suitcase are amazing. This is what solar power should be for – making a difference whenever it is used.Solar Suitcase

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