Slimmest Optical Camcorder in the World, Genius G-Shot HD575T


Genius G-Shot HD575TRemember when the humble camcorder was about the same size as a fridge? No one complained back then of course, just as they didn’t complain when the first video recorder came out and took about three hours to carefully rewind each tape.

But those days are long gone and now we have one amazing camcorder to look at that is so small you’ll wonder if it is actually a camcorder at all. The Genius G-Shot HD575T is only 2.28” wide, but within that width it packs in an incredible amount of features.

You can edit your pictures professionally using the software that comes with it, and it also has a superb Motion Detection Mode. This means you don’t actually have to operate the camera at all – as soon as it senses movement it starts recording.

Aside from that the features of the Genius G-Shot HD575T just keep on coming. You also benefit from a 5x optical zoom so you don’t even need to be that close to your subject to record it. And of course the model number reveals that this is also a high definition camcorder, so the images you can record with it are second to none.

The camcorder is going to hit markets in Canada and America very soon, although no price has yet been announced for it. I would guess plenty of people will be queuing up for this one – and wondering whether it will be available elsewhere soon too.Genius G-Shot HD575TGenius G-Shot HD575TGenius G-Shot HD575T

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