iPhone Motion Control for Video Calls, the Galileo


iPhone Motion Control, the Galileo, comes in black, white and special green edition.If you own an iPhone you’ll know just how many things there are that you can do with it. I am always using mine to surf the net, play games, answer emails and much more besides.

I also love the various gadgets you can pair it with to make it even better and get even more out of it, like Galileo for example. This is a souped up platform for the iPhone which allows for movement when on a video call or any other remote application you can think of.

It would be great to be able to move the camera when on a call; the Galileo allows you to follow a meeting or watch you kids play around a room or the garden. This amazing gadget will be great for all kinds of projects including time-lapse and chromatography.

It comes in black or white and according to the pre-release info it will retail for around $129.95. The Galileo is a project on Kickstarter and they are doing very well, with 2,131 backers and a total pledge of $256,991 which is more than double their original goal of $100,000. They still have 21 days to go.

If you pledge $85, you can get your hands on one of the first batch, when they are released in June 2012. You have a choice of either black or white. There is also a special green edition for people willing to pledge $95. You can also order re-seller packs with larger pledges.

To get a better idea of what it can do; check out this video on the Galileo:iPhone Motion Control, the Galileo can be used in hard-to-get places.iPhone Motion Control, the Galileo, comes in black, white and special green edition.iPhone Motion Control, the GalileoiPhone Motion Control, the Galileo

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