USB Flash Drive Looks Like a Hard Drive


USB Flash Drive Resembles Hard DriveTaiwanese company InfoThink has launched a USB flash drive that looks like a hard drive. However, its similarity with a hard drive begins and ends with how it looks, for it only has 8GB of storage space, compared to most hard drives that offer much larger storage capacities.

Neither is the InfoThink hard drive lookalike flash drive state-of-the-art in terms of connectivity protocol, as it does not offer USB3.0 connectivity, offering only USB2.0 connectivity.

This drive delivers read speeds of up to 25 MB/second; it can write at speeds of up to 12 MB/second. A blue LED activity indicator conveys whether the device is plugged in or not, and whether data is being read/written.

One helpful feature is its retractable USB connector, which eliminates the need for a separate, removable cap. This also gives the impression that the drive is not plugged in.

In terms of weight, this drive measures around 80 grams. Measuring 1.4” x 1” x 0.3”, this USB flash drive is larger than most other thumbnail drives. This larger size may be a problem if you need to plug in two USB devices into your laptop or desktop and your computer has two USB ports side by side.

Of course, if your computer has three USB ports, you don’t have to worry. You could also circumvent the problem by using a USB hub.

The Mini Hard Disk Flash Drive is available now on Amazon, priced at $19.USB Flash Drive Resembles Hard DriveUSB Flash Drive Resembles Hard DriveUSB Flash Drive Resembles Hard Drive

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