Tiwi Driver Assistance Unit, Perfect for Parents


Tiwi Driving AssistanceIt is said that God made mothers because He couldn’t be everywhere. It now turns out that mothers can’t be everywhere either.

If you are a parent worrying about not being able to accompany your teenage children who have just learnt to drive, Tiwi might be just what you need.

Tiwi is a device that, after it’s mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard, constantly monitors parameters such as speed, acceleration, braking patterns, driving patterns and so on.

Based on real-time analysis of such parameters, Tiwi warns the driver to slow down or to stop braking so suddenly or frequently. Tiwi also sends alerts to you, the parents, by means of text messages, emails or even phone calls to pre-defined numbers.

Tiwi is also programmed to recognise speed limits on various roads so that if your teen or his friend is driving faster than the allowed speed limit, a warning is issued. It even senses whether the driver is wearing the seat-belt or not and issues suitable warnings and alerts.

As parents, you can decide what features you want activated. For example, you can specify a speed limit above which you are alerted. You can also specify if you want to be alerted whenever your ward enters or exits a specific zone or area.

The unit can be purchased at tiwi.com. Pricing depends on the duration of the contract. Apart from buying the device, there is also a monthly service fee.

The makers of Tiwi, a company called Inthinc, describes Tiwi as a mentor more than a monitor. One has to be careful, though, or else, the kids may start viewing it as a tormentor. Tiwi Driving Assistance

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