3D Photos with BumpyPhoto


BumpyPhotoOne of my pet peeves with digital photography is that many of us no longer print most of our pictures, preferring instead, to store them in digital format. Naturally, our photo albums seem to stop with photos that date back to about five years ago.

Maybe those of us who are busy writing obituaries for conventional photo albums should take a pause and check out the BumpyPhoto Site; we may change our minds about continuing with the obituary or even the eulogy.

What BumpyPhoto offers is to turn our photographs into 3D works of art that look like sculptures. A super hard resin like material is used to create the bas-relief style artwork, which is then coloured according to the colours of your original photograph.

This service is based on 3D printing technology that can now also be used to create distinctive and personalised gifts that stand out from photos on mugs or t-shirts.

Naturally, BumpyPhoto works best with digital pictures. However, they can also use your printed photographs to work from. They can even colourise or touch up your old photos; these services will cost more. For best results, give them the clearest, highest-resolution pictures you have.

Once you have ordered your sculpture, you may preview the 3D image before you give BumpyPhoto the permission to proceed with the 3D printing.

The basic service itself is not very cheap, and naturally, prices vary with the size of the sculpture and the complexity of the composition. The more objects there are on the original photograph, the more expensive the sculpture will be.

A relatively simple 4” BumpyPhoto, for instance, will cost you around $80. The “sculptures” can range from 1” to 15” in size. BumpyPhotoBumpyPhotoBumpyPhoto

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