iPhone Case for Kids, KidSafe Case


KidSafe Protective iPhone CaseNo matter how much you love your two or three year old, I suspect you will draw a line at letting them play with your expensive iPhone 4/4S. Your fear may be triggered by the possibility of your child breaking the screen or causing other physical damage to your iPhone.

If the children are slightly older, your fears may relate less to the risk of physical damage to your beloved iPhone 4/4S and more to the amazing ability of these “digital natives” to experiment with your iPhone and mess up your settings. Even worse, they may get to access stuff that you’d rather that they did not.

TRTL BOT, the company that designs iPhone and iPad cases have launched a new case called KidSafe. As the name suggests, this case is designed to protect your iPhone 4/4S from physical damage and to keep the child from accidentally altering the settings on your phone.

The Kidsafe case also ensures that your kids can’t access certain games or apps that are unsuitable for them. It also ensures that your child does not accidentally delete contacts or messages, or end up making calls inadvertently or on purpose, for that matter.

Be warned, though, that even a KidSafe case can’t protect your iPhone if your child deliberately bangs the screen into the corner of a table or some other such surface.

KidSafe cases are made of BPA-free non-toxic recycled plastic and available in Charcoal Black, Arctic White and Gras Green. They are priced around $25 (£16).

KidSafe Protective iPhone Case

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