In-Car Parking Meters, Easypark from On Track Innovations


Easypark- the Parking Meter IN your CarWhat do some people in 30 cities across the US, Israel, Bermuda, Italy and France have that makes their lives easier?

The answer is Easypark, an innovation from On Track Innovations. This patented, in-vehicle parking meter can be used for on-street parking as well as parking in designated locations such as parking lots.

If you’ve ever tried to park on a busy street during peak hours and find a spot only to discover that you don’t have enough change to feed the parking meter, you’ll realize what a boon the Easypark might turn out to be, for it eliminates the need for coins or tokens that need to be dropped into the meters.

Easypark offers other benefits too. For instance, you pay for the actual time you’ve parked. You don’t need to pay for thirty minutes if you only need to park for say ten minutes because that’s all the time you need for your errand.

You can “charge” your Easypark device with money either online or at Easypark retail locations. Once you’ve loaded it with enough money, simply turn the device on and hang it on your car windscreen.

Easypark is also a good idea from the perspective of the city authorities. If more people are encouraged to pre-load their Easypark devices with say, $20 at the start of each week, then presumably, that money is available to the council in advance.

It is also possible to use Easypark to monitor parking patterns and consider charging differential rates so as to further decongest heavy traffic zones.

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