Ematic eSport Clip Portable Media Player


Ematic eSport Clip Portable Media PlayerThe history of business is replete with examples of companies extending the lives of their products by repositioning them so that another benefit becomes attractive, possibly to a new target segment.

That’s exactly what Ematic seems to be doing with its eSport portable media player. Although there is a school of thought that believes that smartphones have sounded the death-knell for conventional portable media players (MP3 or MP4 players), Ematic thinks differently.

The eSport Clip portable media player comes with a 1.8” colour display. This is much smaller than what smartphones offer, or indeed, what even older-generation players offered.

However, it can be easily attached to your clothes by means of a special built-in clip, which means you are hands-free when using this device. The eSport plays audio and video files. It can store 4GB of data- the equivalent of 2300 songs, 20 hours of video or thousands of pictures.

If you are into regular exercising, this may well be the ideal companion for your walks or, jogs on the treadmill or around the neighbourhood. Especially if you wish to leave your smartphone at home so you get some quality time all to yourself.

The Ematic eSport relies on USB 2.0 technology to transfer files to/from it. It also has an integrated 5 megapixel digital camera. You can record video and audio, although perhaps not in HD quality.

With so many features packed into a device currently priced at just $22 at Walmart, little wonder that Ematic is confident about its success. If you want to buy one for yourself or your kids, check out the nearest Walmart.Ematic eSport Clip Portable Media PlayerEmatic eSport Clip Portable Media PlayerEmatic eSport Clip Portable Media Player

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