Library of Classics MP3 Player


Library of Classics MP3 PlayerThere are those who simply love reading books; in fact, for this lot, the joy of holding a paperback or hardbound edition in their hands and flipping pages back and forth is amongst the most pleasurable ways of spending time.

Doing the above while lying in a hammock with a crisp sea breeze and a nice chilled drink simply multiplies the joy manifold.

But then there are also those who hate books and reading, for they tend to associate books with all that was wrong with school and formal education.

Perhaps the Library of Classics MP3 Player will convert some of these folks to people who read books, even if they don’t become bibliophiles.

What this device does is provide a repository of 100 well-known unabridged books in audio format. These books are narrated by experts so you can actually listen to them instead of reading them. Digital mastering technologies ensure superior audio quality.

Not quite the same as reading a book, I must admit, given my personal bias as a book-lover. However, if it helps more people become familiar with Gulliver’s Travels, Pride and Prejudice or The Art of War, hey, I’m all for it. If you’re curious about what audio books are available, take a look at their site.

The Library of Classics comes pre-loaded on an MP3 player, along with headphones and adapters for listening at home or while in the car. You get all this and a bonus gift in the form of the “50 greatest classical music performances” from for under $100.

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