iPhone Karaoke Player, Connects to Your TV


iPhone To Television Karaoke PlayerIf you are a closet singer wanting to display your singing talent more widely but are afraid because you don’t know the lyrics of most songs beyond a couple of lines, you may find the rest of this article of interest.

The catch, though, is that you must also own an iPhone 45, 4, 3GS or 3G or an iPod Touch (first to fourth generation). If you do, then the Hammacher Schlemmer iPhone Karaoke Player may be good for your soul.

Priced at $80 (£50), the device comprises an iPhone dock, a microphone, a cable and a free app. The cable connects the dock to a television, while the app displays the lyrics of five songs on the screen so you can sing along using the microphone. As it’s karaoke, you have the relevant music playing anyway.

The app comes with five free songs, including include “All you need is love” by The Beatles and the soulful Ella Fitzgerald’s “Cry me a river”. You can always buy more from a library of 7000 songs or stream music from YouTube or other sites.

The microphone ensures that your voice is heard over the television set’s speakers. Ask a friend to video-tape the proceedings from a distance and see if you can persuade your friends that you’ve turned pro- or at least semi-pro.

Remember that the device is primarily a dock, so your iPhone or iPod gets charged even as you’re crooning those numbers. This gadget is quite compact, measuring 7.5” x 6” x 5” and weighing just about a kilogram.

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