EMF Protective Clothing


EMF Protective GarmentsOne of the dangers of new technology is that its impact on human and/or animal/plant life is not fully understood. Mobile phones, for example, have made life so much easier for all of us.

And yet, are we all subjecting ourselves to too much radiation, not just by carrying a mobile handset on our bodies but by always being close to mobile towers that produce radiation?

Scientific opinion is divided, with some studies claiming that extensive use of mobile phones can fry one’s brain or other organs, while other studies dismiss such studies as utter rubbish.

It may be too late by the time we find out one way or another. In the meantime, it may make sense to take some simple precautions.

Swiss Shield has developed a soft, wearable fabric that uses the principle of reflection to shield the wearer from potentially harmful radiation. The fabric is anti-static and has unique anti-odour and antiseptic properties.

The fabric is so flexible that it has been incorporated into Italian designer shirts, underclothes, scarves, boxer shorts, overcoats and even headbands. And yes, you can get protective garments for men and women.

This wide range of protective garments has been created because radiation can supposedly affect people from head to toe. Indeed, radiation is suspected to cause problems as wide in range as autism or ADHD to low sperm count and infertility.

You can even buy yourself a sleeping bag that is designed to protect you from microwave and other such nasty radiation. What’s more, nobody need even know that it’s a special kind of sleeping bag, for it looks just like any other sleeping bag.

Check out LessEMF.com for more information.

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