Tivoli’s ‘Wireless’ PAL Radio


Tivoli Wireless PAL Radio in Red.Okay so I’m guessing your first question will be ‘what does PAL stand for?’ The answer is Portable Audio Laboratory, which I assume is just a posh way of saying radio. Although with that said, I think this little gadget would be let down if we just called it a radio.

This is a small radio that looks a little like a speaker. It has a base size of 3.7 inches by 3.9 inches and it stands around 6.25 inches tall.

But there is a lot of dynamism packed into this baby, and you’ll find it to be invaluable if you own an iPod, since you can plug one into the other and do away with the need for earphones.

As you might expect, this radio is designed to be used outdoors with ease, since it is waterproof and small enough to pack when you go away. You can listen to both AM and FM radio and it has an onboard battery that you never need to worry about replacing.

Just plug your Tivoli radio in to recharge it whenever you need to, although with a charge that can last as long as 16 hours this won’t be required all the time.

This neat little gadget is quite pricey; it retails for around $219.99 (£199). Is it worth that amount for a cool wireless radio?Tivoli Wireless PAL Radio in Black.Tivoli Wireless PAL Radio in Blue.Tivoli Wireless PAL Radio in Pink.

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