Seagate: 60TB Drives on the Way


Seagate: 60TB Drives on the WayDo you ever get the feeling that your hard drive just isn’t big enough? No matter how often you de-clutter it and how little you seem to have to store, most hard drives just don’t seem to last long before they become full. I know this applies to me, but it’s probably because I never really go through my files to clear them out very often.

So the Seagate 60TB hard drive had me in tears of joy when I first heard about it. Apparently every square inch of drive is able to hold 1TB of information. The only problem is I might have to wait around ten years to get it.

You can get a 4TB drive at the moment and this is admittedly probably more than big enough for most people. It would probably be big enough for me too if I managed it properly. But just the very idea of having 60TB of space, well… it’s quite amazing and a huge leap forward in technology.

Seagate is a specialist in developing hard drives so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are the people to break through this big barrier and create hard drives with this much space on them.

Even though we have to wait for them to make the hard drives available, it’s still a date to mark off in your long term calendar. Apparently they’ve used a new technology called heat assisted magnetic recording to make it possible.

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