Nocs NS2 Air, Powered Speakers with AirPlay


Nocs NS2 Air - AirPlay Powered Speakers.Remember when speakers used to be dull, boring and housed in wood with a weird mesh thing going on in the middle? Maybe I’m just showing my age there but anyway, things have changed in a mighty way as you’ll see when you get a look at the Nocs NS 2 Air AirPlay compatible speakers that have just hit the market.

One of the most notable things about these speakers for those who are keen on colour is that they are available in six different colour options.

There is regular black for those who like things to look as they should, but you can also get pure white, red, yellow, orange or grey. They look terrific but they offer more than just an appealing appearance.

If you’re into AirPlay you’ll be delighted to know these are fully compatible. They’re also made out of fibreboard but you’d never know it, since the exterior is made from rubber.

If you know a bit about speaker quality you’ll be impressed to hear the cones in the speakers are made from Kevlar, which I think is the same stuff they use in bullet proof vests. Does this make your speakers bullet proof? I think not, but it’s a cool fact to drop into the conversation while you are showing yours off anyway.

The price in dollars is $399 (£250) so you’ll need to save for these, but remember you’re getting something practical and stylish at the same time, so what else could you ask for?

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