Caddytrek Robot Caddy Follows Like a Puppy


Caddytrek Robot Caddy.I’m not good at golf. If you tell me to hit the ball somewhere I can absolutely guarantee you it will go anywhere but. Having said that, one of the things I hate more than my own lack of skill is the fact I have to carry the clubs around.

Granted, I haven’t ever done that (I haven’t played golf since my dad took me to the local course about thirty years ago when I was still in single figures). But if I did ever go I’d make sure I had the Robot Caddy on my side.

Otherwise known as the FTR System’s Caddytrek, this is far advanced than the usual remote controlled efforts you are probably thinking of now. The idea is that you have a remote control but you keep it in your pocket.

The caddy works on proximity so when you stop to take a shot – whether that is from the green or the nearest bunker, in my case – the caddy will stop too. It is intelligent too, probably more intelligent than me.

It knows to avoid obstacles like the bunkers, which I would be unable to do. It also makes it way up inclines better than I would. I get the feeling it would trail behind me criticising me for poor play the whole way.

I always worry when gadgets get to me more intelligent than me. This could be one of them. It can even cover 10 miles when fully charged, which I could do, but only under duress.

Check out this video of the Caddytrek in action:

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