Smartphone and Rice Cooker Communicate


Smartphone Talks to Panasonic Rice CookerDo you ever wonder whether smartphones have gone a little too far in the way they work? I mean they certainly have a wide range of features and benefits so you can be sure they are useful for lots of different purposes. But would you believe you can actually now buy a rice cooker from Panasonic that can easily be controlled with the help of an app? Yes, there really is an app for that.

Before you check the date and wonder whether April Fool’s Day has come a little early, consider this. You actually use your smartphone (once it has the desired app on it) as a remote control to operate the rice cooker.

But Panasonic has provided us with more than simply another way to use their rice cooker. They’re clearly getting into modern computing because they have decided to set up a cloud server for users and buyers of this particular machine.

The idea is that you can connect to this server via your smartphone and get dozens of different recipes for using rice. Doesn’t that sound like an extra reason to buy this new rice cooker? I think so.

It remains to be seen whether the new rice cooker is actually worth buying. It doesn’t seem as if you can control it from a distance, for example. So if you’re sitting on the sofa and you suddenly realise you haven’t yet switched on your rice cooker, you’ll have to get up and wave your phone over it. Hmm – modern technology, huh?

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