Samsung Galaxy S III Image


Samsung Galaxy S III ImageComing soon is the Samsung Galaxy S III. Except we don’t quite know when it is arriving and we don’t know what it looks like yet either. Or do we? It would appear we might have an idea, thanks to a photo that appeared on Reddit the other day.

Now before you get all excited I should mention that this is just one of a number of photos of the handset that have popped up. But some think this could be the real deal. Of course we’ll have to wait until the actual release of the Galaxy S III to find out whether this is the case.

But it is worth thinking about and exploring the potential treats the photo seems to offer. We can see glorious weather predicted across the top of the screen in the screenshot, giving us more proof that this could be a fake.

After all, who saw such nice weather for six days in a row? After this there are some happy kids and then an announcement that on 22nd May between 6pm and 7pm we can see a live broadcast of the Galaxy S III Unpacked Event.

Now some appear to think this could be happening, but whether it will and whether it will actually be on this date or not remains to be seen. Hopefully we can find out more nearer the time, when we’ll see whether the photo does turn out to be an accurate representation of the handset – or not.

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