Samsung NX20 Wi-Fi Camera Photo Leaks


Samsung NX20 Picture LeaksIf you’re looking for a new camera and you want something fresh and innovative from Samsung, hold onto your horses. The new NX20 has been leaked online and the picture looks good. I always wonder whether picture leaks like this have indeed been properly leaked, or whether they were pushed online by someone in house.

At any rate the camera looks good and apparently it will be able to offer Wi-Fi connectivity in the equation as well. If you love sharing your photos online, whether that be with friends, family or the world at large, you’ll be able to do it more easily when you use the Samsung NX20.

The inbuilt Wi-Fi means you won’t have to connect it to your computer to share those pictures of your dog or cat anymore. You can just upload them direct from the camera. I suppose this means you’ve got to know exactly how the thing works so you don’t upload them accidentally if you want to keep them to yourself.

There is little else to say about this new beast from Samsung as yet. They’re not releasing any details of when the camera itself will hit the market, nor are they revealing the price. But they’ve certainly managed to generate some excitement over the product so if you’re looking for a new camera that packs just a little bit more into its design, this could be the best time to ensure you practice a little patience.

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