Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook, Super Thin and Looks Sharp


Dell XPS 13 UltrabookUltrabooks seem to be taking the computing market by storm at the moment. The latest entrant to this area comes from Dell, and it is the simply named XPS 13. However this is the first time Dell has come up with an ultrabook so it remains to be seen whether the public at large find it meets their expectations or not.

On first appearances it does well, but it is let down in some areas. Many people have complained about the trackpad and the delayed response it sometimes provides. Another review said the screen was perhaps not quite up to scratch, but then other users have been perfectly happy with it. It could be the reviewer got a dud model, but it could also be that different people expect different things.

One good thing is that the Dell XPS 13 comes in several different models, each one requiring more cash and giving you a more souped up ultrabook as a result. You might think about upgrading if you want a better drive or a dual core processor.

Style wise and weight wise, this is a nice ultrabook – it’s what I think all ultrabooks should look and feel like. After all you buy it to be easy to use and pleasant to interact with, and this one is undoubtedly compact while still being big on the specifications side. I’ve yet to be convinced to buy an ultrabook but when my existing laptop gives up the ghost I might just give it a go.

Check out this video overview of the XPS 13; from Dell:Dell XPS 13 UltrabookDell XPS 13 UltrabookDell XPS 13 Ultrabook

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