WeeRide Kids Seat for Bicycles


Kids Seat for BicyclesI know what you’re thinking – a kid’s seat for a bicycle. What’s so new about that? But this is different in that it fits into place in front of the rider, so you get to keep a literal eye on them the whole time you are riding along.

You don’t have to worry about them being flimsily attached to the back of your bike while you ride – which is exactly where you can never see them.

The seat – which has been given the rather eye opening moniker the WeeRide – is mounted between the rider and the handlebars by utilising the space between the handlebar post and the seat post. Once it is properly installed it is easy to use and comfortable for the child to sit in.

They’ll have enclosed feet areas to keep their feet safe so they can’t accidentally kick your arm out of the way, and a platform to lean on so they can see where they’re going.

This is a great invention that comes complete with full safety belts for the child, and it doesn’t take long to fit either. If you have a mountain bike or any kind of city bike, this will fit just fine.

The seat can take a maximum weight of 40 pounds, so you can use it for a long time before having to get the kid a bike of their own!

It looks like the perfect way to keep parent and child together so you can actually talk while you ride, and the Australian dollar price is $149.95.Kids Seat for BicyclesKids Seat for BicyclesKids Seat for Bicycles

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