QuickSmart Fold Up Stroller Converts to Backpack


QuickSmart Backpack StrollerDoesn’t that just sound like something out of the A Team? Whoever heard of a stroller – otherwise known as a buggy or a pushchair in the UK – that is also a backpack?

It’s a cool idea though – one of those ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ type of ideas. The idea is that it gives you the best of both worlds. You can have a nice simple buggy to use when your child needs to sit in there to be pushed along.

And when you arrive at your destination and they go to nursery or whatever, you can pack up the stroller into the backpack and carry it easily while keeping both hands free to carry your shopping.

I suppose the most convenient time to use this stroller is when your child is at that awkward independent toddling stage. They WANT to walk, they absolutely WANT to, but they don’t want to walk the half a mile or so you have to cover to get to the shops.

And we all know that as soon as you let them out of the stroller, they’re off and away – and you need both hands to catch them. Not so good when you’re using the stroller.

So this ingenious invention is a great idea, it’s called the QuickSmart Backpack Stroller and it costs $219.99 (£140).

Here we have a video from QuickSmart showing how it works:QuickSmart Backpack StrollerQuickSmart Backpack StrollerQuickSmart Backpack Stroller

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