iPad 3: Apple Sold 3 Million in Opening Weekend


3 Million iPad 3's Sold.It looks as though Apple has another predictable hit on its hands. The new release of the iPad shook up the retail market as a whopping three million were sold on the first weekend of release.

That equates to more than forty thousand of them going through the tills every hour. Phew – I wouldn’t have wanted to be an Apple employee that particular weekend. I bet they slept well after that little sales peak.

Several countries were lucky enough to get the new launch and the UK was one of them, alongside the US and Australia. Those countries that were salivating at the news of the new release but couldn’t get their mitts on them personally, don’t have long to wait.

Friday 23rd March is iPad Day for them, as the rollout carries on through another 25 countries. As you may know if you tried to order one of these new iPads online, they soon sold out. But the stores are still doing a brisk trade with the stock they have available.

Personally I still have the older iPad and I have no desire to change it up for the new one. But I guess I will still be curious about whether the new one really is oodles better or not.

Certainly, if I wander past the Apple store I might just be persuaded to pop in for a look. Just to see, and just for research purposes you understand. Not for any other reason…

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