Canon IXUS 500 HS Compact Camera


Canon Ixus 500 Compact Camera.To paraphrase their catchphrase, no one does cameras quite like Canon does. But if the huge serious looking cameras designed for dedicated photographers don’t quite do it for you, you should consider the new IXUS range of cameras. They’re designed to appeal to those people who like popping their camera into their front pocket, much as they do with their mobile phone.

The IXUS 500 HS is a superb model to consider if you fall into this particular bracket. It comes in at just 19.2mm deep, but for that size it packs a lot of punch into its sales spiel. If you think you’re going to sacrifice the optical zoom at that size though, think again.

You’ll be surprised what this baby has under the covers. The optical zoom is 12x, giving you a huge range to play with. Are you ready for more information?

Well it packs in plenty of other more advanced photography desires too, such as an image stabiliser feature – perfect for people like me who seem to suffer from permanent wobbling. You can choose from a blue, silver, black or maroon casing, and you’ll get the whole deal for £305 ($480). This is the recommended price so you might find it cheaper.

This is really the only downside of the camera. Some may think that for this amount of money you’d be better off with a ‘proper’ camera with interchangeable lenses. But to be honest this packs a lot into an incredibly small space, so it’s worth the money.Canon Ixus 500 Compact Camera.Canon Ixus 500 Compact Camera.Canon Ixus 500 Compact Camera in blue.Canon Ixus 500 Compact Camera in blue.

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