Transceiver for iPhone


Tomko Transceiver for iPhonehere’s something about speaking into a walkie talkie or CB radio that imbues one with a sense of power, false though it may be. Do you copy? 10-4, did you say?!

The Tomko transceiver for iPhones allows you to convert your iPhone into a retro mike-like device. Feel like showing off or standing out in a crowd? Just whip out the transceiver, connect it to the audio jack of your phone and start talking.

The transceiver measures around 7.9 cm x 6.7 cm x 2.1 cm. It runs on two AAA batteries so it does not drain your iPhone’s battery.

If you’re playing music through the transceiver and you receive an incoming call, the Tomko transceiver automatically mutes the music. If you wish to use Siri so you can speak out your command, push and hold the button on top of the transceiver.

Unlike a standard hand-held transceiver, you don’t have to hold the Tomko device in your hand as you can clip into your pocket or to your belt. It even works with the iPhone’s speakerphone capability, so no fears if you’re driving.

The Tomko transceiver also allows you to play music easily. One click plays music or pauses what’s playing. Two clicks lets you skip to the next song on your playlist, while three clicks and you go back to the previous song.

The Tomko transceiver is expected to be available around mid-April. It is likely to be priced around $30, although Strapya is currently offering a special release price at $20.Tomko Transceiver for iPhone

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