iBaby Monitor


iBaby MonitorBeing with your baby 24 x 7 is neither practical nor desirable. After all, parents need some rest and recreation too, right? Bringing up a baby is a big responsibility and as loving parents, we all want to do our best.

It is this need that baby monitors seek to fulfil and there are already plenty of devices in this category. What’s new about the iBaby solution is that it allows the camera to be remotely swivelled and pivoted so that even if your baby changes its position, it is still visible.

This movement of the camera is made possible by the motorised base on which the camera is mounted. The iBaby solution also has the other features that are becoming almost standard.

These include two-way audio so that not only can you listen to your baby’s sounds but your baby can listen to what you’re saying. This was meant to let the baby hear you sing a lullaby or just listen to your voice and feel secure.

But the monitor does not discriminate between what sounds it transmits and what it does not. So do be careful when you get busy with your recreational activities, if you get my drift.

The iBaby monitor also offers infra-red night vision capability, an alert feature to warn you when the baby cries or moves too much.

The iBaby monitor can simultaneously stream images and audio signals to four different iOS devices- iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Connectivity is via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

Although it is called “iBaby”, the solution will work just as effectively for elderly people who are largely confined to their rooms.

The iBaby system is priced at $200 (£130) and listed as “coming soon” on the iBaby site.

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