Bone Transmission Headphones


Bone Transmission Headphones.There’s always a better mousetrap, is there not? This time, it is in the context of headphones, where the Evergreen company has launched headphones that use your bone as the medium to transmit sound to your brain.

Instead of in-ear, on-ear and over-ear devices, this new type of headphone transmits sound to your brain through your skull, instead of the normal auditory passage. The buds press against your skull, just above the ears. And since bone is a good conductor of sound, voila!

As a concept, bone conduction headsets are not completely new, considering that Aliph’s Jawbone range of Bluetooth headsets have been around for some time.

According to Evergreen, its bone transmission headphones “give you a sense of hearing live music that you can’t get listening through headphones”. You can’t argue with that statement, although it must be said that it doesn’t offer much information on the quality of sound delivered.

A user review in Japan suggests that the sound quality is good, although he did express some frustration that because of the design, his brain was also bombarded by other ambient sounds, such as oncoming traffic.

To put a positive spin on this, this system will ensure that the user does not get so completely lost in whatever s/he is listening to that s/he does not hear the frantic honking of oncoming traffic. In some parts of the world, accidents are caused by people walking about in traffic with headphones on their ears.

These headphones are likely to be available towards the end of April, and are expected to be priced at around $36.

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