Snap Folding Skateboard


Snap Folding SkateboardSkateboarding is fun, but carrying it around in places where you can’t ride it can be a drag. Perhaps it was this feedback that motivated the designers of the SNAP skateboard to come up with a skateboard that would be easy to carry, but would not compromise on riding safety or the ability to perform skateboarding tricks.

The SNAP skateboard, made of aluminium, is positioned as the world’s first folding skateboard.

The skateboard comprises of 3 segments that, when opened and snapped into position, become a full-scale skateboard. But instead of the wooden deck that is de rigueur in skateboards, the SNAP is made of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminium.

When fully open, the skateboard measures 91.4 cm. Two patented hinges at either end mean that when you fold the end pieces, the skateboard reduces to about 40% of the original size. In folded form, it measures around 36 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm.

This smaller size makes it more convenient to fit the skateboard inside your backpack or locker. The SNAP comes with 56 mm removable wheels. The hinges are locked into place with steel pins, so once the hinges are locked, the skateboard is quite safe.

As with ordinary skateboards, the SNAP too can be risky. The manufacturer’s web site states that if you push too hard, the middle portion might buckle. So please be careful and don’t try any crazy stunts.

The SNAP skateboard currently retails for $119 (£75) with shipping included for US orders, they are available on their site. You will need to be quick, this offer is available only for a limited period of time.

Below is a video showing how quick and easy it is to fold and lock the Snap Skateboard:Snap Folding SkateboardSnap Folding SkateboardSnap Folding SkateboardSnap Folding Skateboard

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