PayPal ‘Here’ Smartphone Card Reader Launched


PayPal Here credit card payments.Paypal, a pioneer in the online money transfer and payment space, has launched “Here”, a new mobile payment platform that uses your smartphone. The “Here” platform is the result of Paypal working closely with Fuseproject, the San Francisco based design firm.

To use “Here”, you will first need to procure a triangular shaped thumb-sized card reader and download an app onto your smartphone. The reader and app are free, but each transaction that runs on “Here” will attract a transaction fee that’s currently pegged at 2.7% of the transaction value.

Initially, “Here” will work on iPhone 4.0, but will soon be extended to Android phones as well. The “Here” service will first be offered to customers in the US, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong; other parts of the world will eventually be covered as well.

Merchants who sign up for “Here” will display the blue “Here” logo, just as they display Visa or Master Card logos.

Let’s say you are a merchant who has signed up for using “Here”. To get your customer to make a payment using “Here”, connect the card reader to your smartphone (the one with the “Here” app downloaded on it) via the audio jack.

Select the items purchased (via the menu), and ask how the customer would like to pay. “Here” supports Visa, Master and American Express cards, as also cheque and cash. S/he can even pay via PayPal.

Give the phone to your customer, ask him/her to add a tip, if appropriate, and “sign” on the screen. Press the “complete transaction” button and ask the customer how he’d like the receipt sent. You can enter his e-mail address or type in his mobile phone number and in a jiffy, an electronic receipt is sent.

In less time than it takes you to read this article, your money is available to you in your PayPal account. The “Here” system comes with PayPal’s reputed security features.

This system will be especially useful to small businesses. Not only can they collect money faster, but “Here” also has features that allow your business to be advertised and thus seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

For more information on the Here Reader, check out the PayPal Here FAQ.

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