Super Fast RAID Storage with the My Book Thunderbolt Duo


My Book Thunderbolt DuoWestern Digital has launched its latest storage system, called the My Book Thunderbolt Duo. The “Thunderbolt” in the name denotes the fact that this is Western Digital’s first external storage device with Thunderbird technology integration.

Thunderbolt technology is just over one year old, and has been developed by Intel in collaboration with Apple. It allows for high-speed exchange of data, video, audio and power through a single connection to peripherals like hard drives and RAID arrays.

Western Digital’s device is called “duo” because it has two hard drives, each of which can be used in different ways. In RAID 0 mode, capacity and speed of both drives is maximized, while in RAID 1 mode, one drive is used as a backup for data on the other drive.

With this technology, an entire movie (HD format) can be copied in a matter of a few seconds. Of course, remember that your laptop or tablet may not have a super fast processor so that becomes the de facto constraint.

The Duo comes with two ports so that you can “daisy chain” multiple products together- for instance, a Mac, drives and a Thunderbolt display. This is handy if a large amount of data is to be archived.

This product is specially designed for graphic designers and other creative professionals who work with complex high-resolution images and multimedia files whose sizes are huge. It is also especially designed for Mac users.

The Thunderbolt Duo is available in two versions. The 4TB version comes with two 2 TB drives, while the 6TB version comes with two 3 TB drives. The former costs around $600 (£380), while the latter will cost you $700 (£440).My Book Thunderbolt DuoMy Book Thunderbolt DuoMy Book Thunderbolt Duo

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