Striiv Pedometer: Hands-On Review


Striiv PedometerI have been using this handy device for a couple of weeks and it’s defiantly a smart little cookie. The Striiv is a small touchscreen pedometer which you can carry round in your pocket, or on your belt / keychain with one of the provided accessories.

Most of my day is spent in the office; working on a computer, making sure I get enough exercise is always in the back of my mind, the Striiv has been excellent for me; letting me know what I’ve achieved and more to the point, what I haven’t.

The great motivator for me is the way the data has been cleverly packaged to provide goals and challenges; this makes the Striiv interesting and addictive. It’s great to see your calories burned expressed as food items, the device lets you know when you have reached a certain target, such as a donut or a box of fries.

I especially like the Walkathon feature, as it counts your steps towards charitable donations. Striiv has partnered with GlobalGiving, and there are currently three charities available to walk for; they include fresh drinking water for children in South America, Polio Vaccines for children in India, and conserving the rain forest in Tanzania. Striiv will be introducing more charity donation options in future updates.

You also find personal challenges will pop-up on the screen, they can be easy, medium or difficult, if you take one of these and complete it you’ll receive a bonus and a trophy. The trophies are fun as they compare your distances to real world places, for example climbing 1665 stairs will equal the height of the Eiffel Tower.

You can also see your steps as a graph on the Striiv. I would like to see a feature where you could upload the graphs and share them on Facebook.

There is another aspect to the striiv in the form of an interactive game where you can use your hard earned energy points to grow plants, erect buildings and attract animals; personally I prefer turning my points into donations.

The Striiv connects to your PC or Mac via USB and allows you to upload donations and back-up all your data. The device can be charged with the USB cable or with the included USB-Wall adapter.

I do recommend the Striiv, it’s a lot of pedometer for $99, you can find them on the Striiv site and Amazon.A Challenge on the Striiv Pedometer.Graph showing the number of steps on the Striiv Pedometer.Donations Waiting for upload on the Striiv Pedometer.

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