JuiceTank iPhone Case, Powering-Up Made Easy


Juicetank iPhone ChargerIt’s amazing how the most awesome innovations are those that help simplify life. Take for example, the JuiceTank iPhone case from accessory company Detached.

The essential concept behind the JuiceTank iPhone case is to combine the charger with the carrying case. After all, both accessories are important and by combining them, it saves you the bother of having to carry both.

The back of the “case” itself has the plug built-in so to charge your iPhone, you simply have to plug your carrying case into the wall, as it were. The JuiceTank is intended for the iPhone 4/4S.

Once you’ve finished charging your iPhone, unplug the charger, fold the pins flat and use it like a carrying case. Admittedly, this carrying case will be stiffer than the soft case that is originally provided by Apple, considering it is made of polycarbonate.

A stiff carrying case also protects the phone better from shocks. Of course, the best protection from shock is not to drop the phone at all!

The company is running a fund-raising campaign on Kickstarter and if you contribute $55, the JuiceTank iPhone charger-case could be yours. The product is expected to retail at $70, so you do get a discount of more than 20% by contributing via Kickstarter.

The JuiceTank will be available in jet black. If you pledge $75, you could get a limited edition version with green accents. If you are from a family of iPhone 4 loyalists, consider making a contribution of $350 on Kickstarter, to receive five limited edition JuiceTanks.Juicetank iPhone ChargerJuicetank iPhone ChargerJuicetank iPhone ChargerJuicetank iPhone ChargerJuicetank iPhone Charger

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