inPulse Smartwatch, In Sync with Your Smartphone


inPulse SmartwatchMany people I know have stopped wearing watches, relying instead on the clocks that are built into their smartphones.

With the inPulse smartwatch, the watch industry seems to be launching a counter strike. Indeed, why can’t a watch do what has conventionally been the preserve of a mobile phone?

The inPulse smartwatch, available on the inPulse site and priced at around $150 (£95), is a wrist watch in terms of look and feel. But as they say, appearances can be deceptive, for this watch can do a lot more than a regular watch can.

You first need to download an Android app onto your smartphone. This app is programmed to synchronise your watch and phone via the company’s secure site at regular intervals. In the process, e-mails, text messages and calendar alerts appear on the digital screen of the watch.

In fact, even caller id info is displayed on your wrist watch. So even if you’re not physically close to your phone, you can see who the call is from and take suitable action.

Your phone and the watch are connected only during the time data transfer occurs. This “not always on” connectivity is a design feature meant to conserve battery charge on both the phone and the watch.

The inPulse smartwatch also offers a range of watch faces and a weather app. You can even monitor the status of your web site via this gadget- something that is important if you own or manage a small business that relies extensively on online marketing or whose revenue model is based on number of hits etc.inPulse SmartwatchinPulse SmartwatchinPulse SmartwatchinPulse SmartwatchinPulse Smartwatch

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