Cardsharp Convenient Credit Card Sized Knife


CardsharpI can assure you that this Cardsharp is one you won’t mind. If you noticed that I spelt “Cardsharp” with a capital “C” then you probably have also picked up by now that this piece is not about someone who cheats in card games. Well, you would be right.

The Cardsharp I am writing about is a folding knife designed by Iain Sinclair. What’s unique is its design. In terms of form factor, it looks more like a credit card than a knife. All it takes are three simple steps to unfold the blade and handle.

The Cardsharp represents a radical innovation in pen knives or folding knives, the first of which dates back several centuries. The blade and body are thinner and hence lighter. It is also sharper because it uses surgical grade stainless steel.

The quality of steel used makes this tool waterproof as well. The absence of conventional hinges also makes the actions relatively friction-free.

A safety sheath prevents accidental blunting, while the safety lock prevents accidents both when the Cardsharp is open and closed.

Iain Sinclair originally designed the Cardsharp as a lightweight surgical instrument that can be transported easily and perhaps more important, disposed of safely, without the need for specially designed containers for sharps.

The Cardsharp was originally intended for providers of first aid. However, since its launch in December 2010, it is now also used by gardeners, cooks, fishermen and handymen. It is also a handy companion on treks and camping expeditions.

The Cardsharp is available from Iain Sinclair Design for £15 ($23) (worldwide shipping costs £2.75 extra). If you’re thinking of the Cardsharp as a gift, be aware that shipping is estimated at as much as 28 days.

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