U Grok It, Helps Find Your Stuff


U Grok ItHow good are you at losing things? If you’re like me you’re probably still trying to find the Rubik’s cube you lost back in the Eighties. Well it may be too late for the cube but you can still find things you might be in danger of losing now if you have the U Grok It on your side.

It works by making the most of radio frequencies and special labels. You simply stick the labels on things you know you are most likely to lose, and then you use the U Grok It base unit – combined with your smart phone – to help locate whatever you have misplaced.

So let’s say I always lose my car keys (hey it happens). All I have to do is to put a sticker on my key fob and then wait to misplace my keys. When this happens – as it surely will – I simply put my smart phone into the main U Grok It holder.

It will locate the signal emitted by that item and lead me towards it so I can get into my car and drive it away. I simply wave the handset around and it leads me towards whatever it is I want.

It’s kind of an electronic version of the ‘you’re getting warmer’ game we’ve all played in the past. We might end up looking a bit daft wandering around with the base unit attached to our phone, but it definitely works for me.

You can sign-up on their site to be notified when it’s released. There’s no word on smartphone compatibility as yet. Here we have a video demo of the U Grok It in action:U Grok It App.U Grok It App.

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