Camp Anywhere with the Moby1 Expedition Trailers

| March 19, 2012 |

If you like the idea of camping but you feel that living in a tent can be a bit restrictive, take a look at these expedition trailers by Moby1. These are based on the teardrop trailer designs that were incredibly popular from the Thirties onwards, and it looks like they’re going to make a big comeback now thanks to these new designs.

The trailers can be pulled through all manner of terrains so you’re not going to worry about getting bogged down and getting your caravan stuck. It provides a wide range of excellent facilities for any dedicated camper, and it even has a tent included on top.

The next time you go camping and you want a portable loo or some hot water without going to the main buildings, you can simply go to your expedition trailer and get what you need from there. The great thing about them is that they come with a mattress too, so you can just sleep in the trailer.

This is ideal on those occasions where you get lost, arrive late at the campsite and don’t have the time or the energy to erect your rooftop tent. You can just crash out and sleep and worry about the rooftop tent bit in the morning.

It’s incredible how much is fitted into this trailer and I would be a total convert to camping if I had one of these. In fact the whole idea of touring would be perfect with a Moby1.

The compact C2 trailer is suitable to tow behind a motorbike and costs $5,500 (£3,480). The bigger Expedition trailers start at $10,500 (£6,640) for the XC and $15,500 (£10,330) for the XTR.