Tarzan Style Camping, Tree Hanging Tents from Tentsile


Tree Hanging TentSometimes the mere name of something gets me excited, and I have to say that’s the case with this little gadget. Part of the reason I’m not keen on camping is because I would have to sleep on the ground. No matter how good the bottom sheet is or the bed roll or whatever, I still have this thing about creepy crawlies.

But the tree hanging tent gets you off the ground and into the trees with ease. It’s basically a huge hammock you hang between two trees to provide shelter for the night. You get a ladder to climb up to get in it, although it isn’t too high off the ground for those with a fear of heights.

These tents are big too, and come in three sizes. The smallest caters for five people while the largest holds an incredible twelve people. Each tent has a number of prongs off the main part you climb into, with each one providing a comfortable space to sleep in.

You can even unzip the sides when you’re in your comfy hammock sleeping space, in order to survey the ground below you. There is no way anything is climbing in here that you don’t want – not even the most dedicated of spiders.

In fact this has totally brought me round to the idea of camping. If all tents were like this I’d probably give up sleeping in a house altogether. Who wouldn’t want to try this for size one weekend?Tree Hanging TentTree Hanging TentTree Hanging TentTree Hanging Tent

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