Slimmest Voice Recorder from Sony, ICD-TX50 ‎


Sony ICD-TX50Do you have the need of a voice recorder? If you do tend to use one in your daily life – for whatever reason – you’ll know that the old chunky models weren’t exactly the easiest or most convenient ones to use.

However Sony has changed all that by coming up with the ICD-TX50 slimline voice recorder. This really is an incredibly thin piece of kit and it will even be ideal for forgetful people like me who never charge the items they want to use before they come to use them.

According to Sony you can charge the TX50 for three minutes and then be able to use it for a full hour. So I reckon by the time I have finished apologising to whomever I want to record talking, I can record them for a couple of hours easy.

There are still more benefits if you use Dragon Naturally Speaking software too, since the voice recorder will work seamlessly with the speech recognition tool.

The American price for this is around $149.99 (£100) but you should shop around for a deal from a British supplier. I never really have the need to use a voice recorder for anything, but I have the feeling I will need to very soon.

This is just so I can have the experience of using this particular piece of kit, which looks like it could be very useful. And hey I am a writer, so maybe I should start interviewing some people?Sony ICD-TX50 side views & Mic.

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