Gyroboard Trainer, Improves Strength and Balance

| March 18, 2012 |

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll say I have very little stability on two legs. I’m fine on a bike, but strap anything to my feet and I’m virtually guaranteed to fall over within sixty seconds. This is why I don’t go skiing, skateboarding or ice skating.

But I have to admit to still being vaguely curious about the Gyroboard. This looks like a sure way to fall over in the comfort of my own home without worrying about who might be watching. Basically you get what looks like a skateboard attached to a heavy duty spring. The spring is then attached to a crosspiece to anchor it firmly to the floor without any danger of falling over.

As such it can tilt and rock in all directions, mimicking the way you’d move on a skateboard or snowboard if you were using one for real. The Gyroboard was designed more as a way to practise in between seasons, i.e. when there is no actual snow around. But lots of people are using them simply to get better balance and to get some indoor exercise as well.

I think I’ll stick to being on terra firma, but I can see how useful this particular gadget could be for those looking to improve their skills without going out. There are three different models of this available and you’ll be looking to shell out about $300 (£200) for each of them. It can all be packed away into a bag too, so it is easy to transport from A to B.