Disabled Drivers Seat Lift, Turny Evo


Turny Evo LiftGetting in and out of a car is something most of us take for granted. But of course some people with limited mobility are going to find this simple task a problem. Fortunately there is now a great gadget that makes light work of this very task.

It’s called the Turny Evo seat, and it converts any standard driver’s seat into a disabled driver’s seat with ease. Once the seat is converted it swings out of the car so it faces you.

All you have to do is to sit down on it and the seat can then retreat and turn back into the car again. The seat has been created by Autoadapt and it reckons it can be used on virtually all vehicles.

Autoadapt has created the seat to ensure it can be adjusted and programmed to be perfect for every car. So when you get one you just need to adjust it for your own vehicle and you’re done.

I can’t imagine how much easier getting in and out of a car will be for someone who finds this a problem. They’ve already manufactured a seat that is ideal for passengers, but now drivers have one as well there are plenty of people who are going to get the freedom of driving again without the hassle of getting in and out.

No pricing information was given for this gadget but I get the feeling the price is going to be the least of their concerns for people who want one.

Below we have a video from Autoadapt showing the Turny Evo Lift in action:

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