Sony Announces a57 DSLR, 16.1MP, Shoots 12fps


Sony a57 DSLR, front view without lens.If you’re going to buy a new DSLR you certainly have plenty of models on the market to choose from. I get confused at the mere mention of lenses and zooms and filters, but if I was going to buy one of these babies I’d think about getting the brand new Sony a57 DLSR.

It’s a chunky and familiar looking model that packs plenty of punch into its offering. This particular model also has Sony’s great Translucent Mirror design technology built in. This means the light you get when taking pictures or shooting video (yes you can do that too) is better than it would be for a normal camera.

As you would expect with a DSLR you can change lenses if you want to build up a collection of different ones. As such you can buy the body of the camera separately for a cool $700 (£470).

But since that won’t do much for you on its own, expect to drop another $100 to get one included with it. The camera also has the Sony TruFinder viewfinder on it, so if you’re fed up with getting pictures that are off centre to what you can see, worry no more.

You’ll get just the right point of view with this camera, which is one of the reasons I think it will do well. Of course it packs in plenty more technical features too, so you can always enjoy experimenting and taking pictures that actually look pretty good. I think I need one.Sony a57 DSLR, back view with folding screen.Sony a57 DSLR, front view.Sony a57 DSLR, front view with lens.Sony a57 DSLR, side view with lens.

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