Heart Rate Monitor Watch, Pyle GPS Sports


Pyle GPS Sports WatchAnyone who is seriously into their sports and fitness regimes will want to know more about this Pyle sports watch. Not only do you get the watch itself – a GPS model – you’ll also get an adjustable chest strap that is home to an advanced heart rate monitor.

This means that no matter what sport you do you can see just how well you’re doing at all times. The watch provides you with four modes too. Compass and navigation will presumably be good for someone like me who tends to get lost pretty easily.

There is also a time mode so you can see how long you’ve been out exercising for, and there is also a workout mode. As you can see this has everything you could want if you are intent on seeing how fit you are and how efficiently you are exercising.

You can expect to pay $306.99 (£205) for it on the Pyle site, but sports aficionados will no doubt find this more than worth it. The good thing is it can be used indoors and outdoors, so it really doesn’t matter what activities you do – you’ll always find it useful to have.

I guess you could even use it when embarking on some Wii fitness activities, if you didn’t want to go out in the cold and wet. I know I would.

This is for seriously involved athletes and sporty people, of which I am not one, but I can see the benefits for those who want a reliable sports watch.Pyle GPS Sports Watch

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