New Cutlery in Town, Meet the Knork


The KnorkThe Knork is a brilliant name for a brilliant product, and to my mind it knocks spots off the Spork. When you know that the Spork was a cross between a spoon and a fork, you’ll be way ahead of me when you guess that the Knork is a cross between a knife and a fork – and is thus a lot more useful too.

These come in a set of four for $25 or so, and they’re made in cool easy to clean stainless steel, so they’ll last as well. You can buy it in plastic too but for my money I’d rather invest a bit more in the stainless steel version so it will last and be used over and over again.

They’re great for picnics and I guess a TV dinner too, if you’re feeling lazy. You might think you were told never to put a knife in your mouth, but you can make an exception for this particular design.

It doesn’t cut into you even when you’re using it as a fork, so you’ll be perfectly safe. I know sometimes these quirky gadgets look great but they don’t actually work. But this one really does do the job it is designed for, so it’s worth investing in some.

I would imagine they’re good for parties too, although if you’re going to need lots of them I’d invest in the plastic ones otherwise it will cost you a lot of money. Either way, I wish the Knork had arrived sooner.

You can buy them direct from the Knork site, they are also on Amazon.The Knork

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