Automatic Vacuum Cleaner, Neato Robotics XV-21


Neato Robotics XV-21 Automatic Vacuum CleanerRemember the days when we all wanted a robotic vacuum cleaner that trundled around the house and did everything for us? Those days have definitely arrived, as you can see from this Neato Robotics XV-21 automatic vacuum cleaner.

This particular model has been designed to pick up all kinds of pet hair from your home, so if you have a cat or dog and you want to get their attention, get one of these. They’re either going to chase it round the house or they’ll run scared of it and end up under the bed.

Either way, the XV-21 is capable of vacuuming any kind of floor you have and will pick up anything your pets leave behind. The filter design has been improved and it is also fully washable, so you can be sure you get a long life out of it.

This is not a cheap item since it will sell for around $429 (£400 in the UK) when it ships in a couple of weeks time. But if you have pets and you hate the constant vacuuming, it will be worth its weight in gold.

Another thing I liked about the vacuum is that it is pretty small and compact, so you can store it away quite happily without taking up half a cupboard to do so.

Of course you may want to keep it out so people can see it because not everyone has a robotic vacuum. Unless of course you know it will be regularly attacked by your dog – in which case, maybe not.Neato Robotics XV-21

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