Realistic Fishing Video Game


Fishing Spirits Video GameThe steadily improving quality of graphic processors and engines and display screens means that simulated reality is getting ever closer to reality.

This trend means that players can completely immerse themselves in a game where they truly feel one with the scenario.

It is in this context that Namco Bandai’s “Fishing Spirits”, an arcade fishing medal game is quite interesting.

This game can be simultaneously played by up to eight players. The winner is the player who “catches” the most fish.

What gives the players a sense of enhanced reality is the large display with two 55” screens placed side by side. The “tanks” below the screens are teeming with fish. According to Bandai, the game includes more than fifty types of large and small fish.

Each player has a controller that is shaped like a fishing rod- another feature that enables the players to feel as if they are really fishing.

Each player “casts” his or her line in the direction of the fish s/he desires to catch. Based on the size of the fish, the controller provides the player with tactile feedback based on vibrations and simulated reaction of the fish. This too enhances the sense of reality that players experience.

The game is designed in a way that makes the nearest fish “bite”. So the key to success is to aim at the nearest big fish. Of course, the fish may just get away- after all, doesn’t that happen in real life too?

This game is expected to hit Japanese arcades in July this year.

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