Lilypad Solar Charging iPad Case


Lilypad Solar Charging iPad CaseThe lesson that in life, everything is a trade-off is an important one. It is also one that we often learn only through experience. For instance, there are those who indulge in too much junk food but do not exercise at all.

So also, while electronic gadgets such as tablets and smartphones certainly make life easier, we often forget that the battery packs in those gadgets are not inexhaustible.

Innovation, as Steve Jobs famously said, is what separates leaders from followers. Therefore, it’s perhaps not very surprising that an iPad accessory innovatively helps address the challenge of users being caught without any viable means to recharge the battery packs in their beloved iPads.

The Lilypad iPad case uses power from ambient light sources, whether indoors or outdoors, to charge the battery pack. This is by no means all that the impressive Lilypad can do; it can also charge your phone or digital camera when you plug those devices into the USB port of the case.

This little genius comes with an HDMI adaptor that allows you to view content from your iPad on HD TV or project it on screen with an HDMI capable projector. The case also protects your iPad from falls and shocks.

If your iPad is inside the case and you can’t remember where you left it, just whistle; the case beeps back to let you know where it is.

The name Lilypadcase may not remain for long, as Apple has requested for a change. This wonderful gadget is likely to be priced at around $165 (£110).

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